September 22, 2021

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Coronavirus remains threat for classrooms as children return from Labor Day break

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Hello parents, teachers and students!

Did you enjoy your long weekend off after the first few weeks of school? I bet it was enjoyable and a much-needed break.

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The early school year has brought a wrath of questions and concerns for parents, as the coronavirus pandemic rages on and mask mandates stir debate among parents and school boards. The Texas Education Agency is now reporting that at least 45 small school districts across Texas have been forced to temporarily stop offering in-person classes as a result of COVID-19, just in the first few weeks. The shutdowns, which have affected about 42,000 students as of last Thursday, were prompted by cases caused by the highly contagious delta variant, and have hampered administrators who hoped for a normal school year.


In this week’s student spotlight, we highlight local eighth-grader Marcus Clay, a student struggling with anxiety who got to take a ride in a Corvette for the first day of school. Clay was nominated by his mom and was chosen among hundreds of submissions after a San Antonio man, Anthony Guiteau, came up with a simple yet unique contest.

“It felt good, but I was kind of shocked at the same time,” Marcus said of being chosen.

Guiteau said he hoped the ride would bring Clay joy and get him excited about the new school year, all while boosting his confidence.

“Why not just give the opportunity for these kids to see something awesome and just inspire them to do better and to be great,” Guiteau said. Well done both of you!


Parents, are you looking for something new to do with the kids? SeaWorld announced that it’s adding a new ride to its list of offerings, and it will open next spring. Tidal Surge, which is said to be the “world’s tallest and fastest screaming swing,” will take riders up to 135 feet high at the speed of 68 miles per hour. How cool is that! And if you’re trying to stay out of this current Texas heat, in Waco there’s the world’s longest lazy river at BSR Cable Park. The park is still open seven days a week and has everything from water slides to a surf lagoon. There’s fun for everybody!


Finally, Meteorologist Kaiti Blake has shown off a cool science experiment that allows children to see pretty colors while learning about clouds, rain and storms. Be sure to check out GMSA@9 on Wednesdays when Meteorologist Kaiti Blake does the demonstrations and explains the significance behind it.

Parents and guardians: upload a video of your child performing the activity and you might see them on TV!

Have a great day everyone!

Ben Spicer

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Student Spotlight

San Antonio middle-schooler struggling with anxiety gets to ride in Corvette C8 to first day of school

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