June 22, 2022

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How many PBC teachers are vaccinated? Probably not enough, experts say

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At a time when health authorities say their best advice for insulating young children from COVID-19 is to vaccinate the adults around them, Palm Beach County education leaders don’t really know how many teachers or school-based staff have done that. 

Administrators know only that at least 47.5% of the 19,436 employees on the district’s health care plan had their shots by late August. The district employs more than 22,400 and roughly 13,000 of those are teachers.

Superintendent Mike Burke and his team suspect the actual vaccination rate is higher. 

“It would be a fair estimate that roughly half of our employees have been vaccinated and that figure could be higher due to lag in data — possibly 60%,” Burke said. “It’s also possible teachers may be more highly vaccinated than some of our other employee groups.”