January 17, 2022

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Raising nature-smart and healthy kids

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ONE of the areas in family life that I have constantly sought to improve is my meal preparation for my family. Recently, I have incorporated more greens and fruits into my children’s diet to boost their immune system. Avocado has become a favorite breakfast staple as we do our own guacamole over bagel and cream cheese. I have discovered that sautéed mushrooms are a good alternative to processed meat. I know there are still a lot to learn so I am on the constant lookout for healthier alternatives.

I am aware that it was not so long ago when society started to shift from convenient fast foods to healthier alternatives, even organic food. This shift was driven by a collective pursuit to live healthier and stay stronger with the right nutrition and lifestyle choices as early as possible.

Now that travel and movement are also limited, the need to connect to nature and its role in mental health has also become important.

With these shifts, more moms are becoming nature-smart. This implies possessing the knowledge about how to relate well to nature so parents can give their kids only the best. Nature-smart moms understand that growing up close to nature can play a big role in their children’s overall well-being, and that organic food, being fresher and containing more of the good stuff than the bad, has become not just a nice-to-have, but an essential.

However, making the switch to an organic lifestyle can be intimidating for some. Andi Manzano, a mom, understands how overwhelming it can be to learn about the do’s and don’ts of an organic lifestyle. She advises to start small. “I got started by looking at the labels and the nutritional value. It’s important to see, for example, how much refined sugar was added or where the ingredients came from. Being nature-smart gives me peace of mind to know that whatever we put in our bodies has high nutritional value and no harmful chemicals,” she said.

When it comes to food, nature-smart moms know how and where to look for food free from antibiotics, GMOs and chemical pesticides. For organically grown food, there’s also mounting evidence that it is rich in nutrients, such as iron, vitamin C, phosphorus, and magnesium. This means essential nutrient-rich organic fruits, vegetables and grains can support a stronger immune system. It also has no chemical pesticides, as it is usually given the best natural conditions for growth. For example, organic farmers always consider the health of the soil because healthy soil offers a suitable mechanism for crops to access nutrients from the Earth.

Research also supports the health benefits of organic meat and milk consumption as organic cows are pasture-grazed, resulting in better milk and meat quality. Studies also show that organic meat and milk have 50 percent more Omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic milk. Omega-3 fatty acids are said to improve brain function and support better brain development in children.

However, it’s not enough for moms to be nature smart; it’s also important for kids to improve their naturalist intelligence. Nature-smart kids reap more benefits that will help them grow into well-rounded adults. For example, nature-smart kids are better equipped to combat stress and fatigue, modern society’s common ailments.     

Being nature-smart is also vital in boosting immunity. Children with the naturalist intelligence will grow up knowing which foods are best for their overall health. They will also know how responsible and sustainable farming has a direct effect on human health, making them better future stewards of the environment.

You can encourage your child to be nature-smart today by giving them unstructured outdoor play time (if possible in a safe, socially-distant way), which also helps them develop their creativity and observational skills. You can also bring nature to your home by helping them care for a plant, vegetables, or herbs. My plan with my kids is to start with a morning run outside even for 30 minutes before school starts.

Besides encouraging your kid to interact with nature and being more discerning about the quality of the ingredients in the food you provide to your family, you can support your kid’s nature smart development by giving them 100 percent organic certified milk.

That said, Promil Organic, made by top formula milk manufacturer Wyeth Nutrition, is made with 100 percent organic milk, sourced from certified organic dairy farms, with no chemical pesticides, and with DHA and AA, so your child can grow healthy and smart. It is even certified organic by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines Inspection and Services Inc., and the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, which follows the international standards of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

“Promil Organic has all the essential nutrients every child needs every day. And the best thing about it is, it’s organic,” Andi said.