January 17, 2022

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Safe House benefits from Morenci 4-H Club

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The Mighty Mountain Kids 4-H Club of Morenci is raising money for the Mt. Graham Safe House in Safford. The facility offers shelter and more for the victims of domestic violence in Greenlee and Graham counties. The non-profit has been in existence for many years thanks to strong community support. The club recently held a bake sale in front of Ace Hardware in Morenci. Members pictured here are Jalynn Stangler, Miles Romero, Deagen Jacobs, Antonio Castaneda, and Clayton Jacobs. Members not pictured are Jonas Johnson, Ezra Schenk, and Isaiah Schenk. Stephanie Schenk is the club leader. To aid in more contributions contact Stephanie at (928) 322-0242 or at paulanighthawk@yahoo.com.

Mighty Mountain Kids hold bake sale

By Walt Mares

Cookies, brownies, spiced cakes, and other goodies. That is what the Mighty Mountain Kids 4-H Club offered and there were plenty of takers.

Some buyers immediately tasted their purchases and commented on how good they tasted. They were delighted that anything they bought was homemade.

The inexpensive goodies not only provided delightful tastes, they also raised money for a very good cause, the Mt. Graham Safe House. It is a facility located in Safford that provides shelter and other services for victims of abuse, as in domestic violence. It serves people from Greenlee and Graham counties.

Domestic violence is undoubtedly traumatizing for victims who might not have elsewhere to go in such situations. Victims not only receive shelter but are also clothed, fed and can receive counseling and medical care.  Women with small children may bring their kids with them. In some cases children are infants. The Safe House provides necessary items such as diapers and whatever else may be needed to accommodate infant care.

The Safe House has a long history dating back to at least the 1990s. For example, former Copper Era Publisher-Editor Jean Crinan, after her retirement, served as a director in the ‘90s.

The Safe House is totally dependent on the goodwill of the Greenlee and Graham communities. It is always in need of financial support, food, clothing, diapers, toys, and anything that can help in stabilizing the lives of victims and their children.

Mighty Mountain Kids 4-H Club leader Stephanie Jacobs said a strong goal of the club is to reach out and make contributions to the community, such as it is doing for the Safe House.

“No doubt it is a very worthwhile cause,” Jacobs said. “Our kids are learning that it is important to be involved with and supportive of the community. It is in many ways a good lesson for these young people.”

October signup

October represents a new year for membership in the 4-H Club. “We are open to new members who may want at least to find out what 4-H is all about,” Jacobs said. “4-H can also be a good way for kids and their parents to become more involved with each other. We often have parents become very involved.”

Jacobs can be contacted at (928) 322-0242 or by e-mail at paulanighthawk@yahoo.com.

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