January 17, 2022

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Alexandria YMCA child care programs receives four-star Parent Aware rating

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Child care programs that participate in the Parent Aware star rating process volunteer for extra training and professional development to go above and beyond basic health and safety licensing requirements and commit to using research-based best practices.

Participating programs can earn one, two, three or four stars, with each rating level built on the previous one.

“We are so proud to have achieved a four-star Parent Aware Rating,” said Tracy Gustafson, YMCA child care director. “YMCA child care has reached the highest standards of excellence in early childhood education.”

Tracy Gustafson

Tracy Gustafson

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Programs participating in Parent Aware have access to incredible benefits that can support working with children and families like coaching and assistance, training and career advising, grants to support training, curricula, toys, equipment and technology, early learning scholarships, higher child care assistance program rates, marketing kits and promotion.

“We’re specifically looking forward to the unique professional development and coaching opportunities that come with being a four-star Parent Aware program,” said Gustafson. “Our teachers have committed to 50 hours of professional development that will focus on cognitive, social and emotional development of children, creating relationships with families and best practices on observing, recording and assessing child development.”

According to Parent Aware, four-star Parent Aware programs have demonstrated all star program practices, and commit to ongoing quality improvement in responding to unique cultural customs, encouraging family participation to help children transition to kindergarten, making accommodations for children with special needs and encouraging healthy living through nutrition and physical activity.

“What it comes down to is ensuring our program is providing our children and families with the best quality of care and early childhood education Alexandria has to offer,” said Gustafson.

For more information on YMCA child care or YMCA child care at Knute Nelson, contact Gustafson at 320-834-9622 or tgustafson@alexandriaymca.com.